Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Proud to say that I am 'She', A Woman!! Happy Women's Day to all the Women in the World!!

The International Women's Day celebrated on 8th March is a universal day for all women around the world. It endows them with a sense of honour, dignity and self respect for being the person that they are. This day marks a celebration of the economic, social, cultural and political achievements made by women over the years. Today 8th March 2011 is also being commemorated as the 100th anniversary of the celebration of International Women's Day.
Indeed a woman’s essence lies in her innate ability to care, love and sacrifice for the other. She plays an all-enveloping character of a mother, wife, daughter and sister, as a friend, nurturer, companion, guide and partner from time to time. She is loving, she is giving; She is tender, she is sweet; She is caring and can be daring. Emotional and vulnerable, sometimes erratic, sometimes serene, she displays a wonderful range of emotions from being patient to being extremely courageous in times of crisis. She can follow as well as lead.  She is an epitome of compassion and She is also Shakti, the power. I am proud that I am 'She' - A Woman!!

She is the one who gives birth to a new life!!          

She is the Mother who nurtures her child and rejoices at the innocent laughter of her child but cannot bear to see her child hurt!!

She is the mother who would track the mountain ranges with her sick child on her back to reach help!!

She is the daughter who gives joy to her parents and cares for them!!

She is the sister who holds your hand and is always there for you!!

She is the friend who always stands by you!!

She is the loving and compassionate wife who would be by your side through thick and thin!!

She is the beauty of the Universe!!

She is the graceful dancer who enthralls all!!

She is the one who fights if the situation demands!!

She is the one who brings honors & laurels to the country!!

She is the activist, journalist, poetess who is on a fast for the last 10 years demanding the withdrawal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act!!

She is the one who can protest nude in one of the most conservative societies to bring justice and peace in a disturbed state!!

She is the one who leads the people and the country!!

.•*¨`*•.  .•*¨`*•. .•*¨`*•.  .•*¨`*•. .•*¨`*•..•*¨`*•..•*¨`*•


.•*¨`*•  A woman is a woman is a woman. Nothing comparable!!! •*¨`*•.
.•*¨`*•. .•*¨`*•. .•*¨`*•. .•*¨`*•. .•*¨`*•..•*¨`*•..•*¨`*•

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