Thursday, October 13, 2011

A rendezvous with Flourishing Love in the Journey of Life...Pramod Sharma & Meinami

When two people are truly in love with each other,  no shortcomings in life can create a breach between the two. Love exists and thrives in between them. This I found it to be true when I came across a couple at the Sukreswar Shivji Mandir. 

About a couple of months ago, I happen to visit the temple along with my Mom. Mom felt like visiting a temple that day and we decided upon the Sukreswar Shivji Mandir. That day, it turned out to be the day of Kanwar Yatra and there was quite a crowd at the temple as the pilgrims had flocked there to do abhisheka(anointing) or to bathe the Sukreshwar Shivlingam with the sacred water they carried along.  Lucky I took a little amount of Gangajal (Holy water of the Ganges River) from my stock of Gangajal in a small bottle to offer to Lord Shiva. We offered what little we wanted to offer as part of  our Puja.... Gangajal, Bilva leaves  and a few lotuses. We prayed for peace, prosperity and happiness  

for us and our near and dear ones. It seemed that Lord Shiva himself had specially called us there so as we may perform the last part of the rituals of the Kanwar Yatra even though we did not go on a long yatra to get the holy water from its source. 

That very special moment of our Puja, I prayed to Lord Shiva to fill my life and heart with Love and happiness if ever Love exists in this world. Life's trials and turbulence and storms I had to face in life had often made me wonder if at all Love has a place in this world where deceit, infidelity, backbiting, jealousy, treason and trampling upon other's lives is mostly what I've seen even though I did come across a few people who value love and live in harmony. I spoke to the Lord what I had in my mind and even though I could not hear the Lord's voice answering me then, I came out of the temple happy and contented for I told Him what I felt and put before Him the questions in my mind. Who else can I put the question to except the Lord God for only the Almighty has got the answer. So, having said my say to Sukreswar Shivji, we came out of the temple, walked down the steps and as we were walking through the compound towards the temple gate, I saw a couple seated on a white cloth spread on the bare ground. The guy had a local  musical instrument in his hand and the lady had a pair of Khartals in her hands and both were singing. I stopped in front of them, took out my camera and began recording their song. Then as I was recording, I noticed that the guy is blind while his wife is not and she is quite good looking too. Together they were rendering a devotional song in Praise of Hori(Lord Shri Krishna) and the way they were singing with total devotion made me feel that Divinity must be somewhere around close by, listening to their call to Him even thought I could not understand the local dialect they were singing in. After their song ended, we talked to them for sometime. The wife could speak proper Hindi and she would patiently translate what we were asking or saying to her husband and then answer us with a smile. The guy's name turned out to be Pramod Sharma and the wife's Meinami. I kept observing them for quite sometime and what really moved me was the love, care and devotion she had for her husband. At times she would wipe his face with a piece of cloth and from time to time whisper in his ears about what is happening around them. She would inform him how much money somebody has dropped for them, who said what to them and also kept asking whether he needs anything. She complements so well for her husband's shortcomings by being beside him and making him see the world through her eyes. The husband too looked very comfortable and secure in her company. He too would smile and whisper back at her and at times they share a little laugh between them. So happy they are in each others love and company that for them all that mattered was their togetherness. They are living in their own world of love and compassion and facing life's hurdles together with smiles on their faces. He does not have eyes but her beautiful eyes are filled with love for him only and it is through her eyes that she makes her husband look at the world. No doubt they sing on the streets to earn a living but they are rich in their love for each other. They are one and nothing matters but the fact that they are together in life. 

Mom had given them some money as a token for the devotional song they were singing. She told her husband about it and asked him to play his flute for us as we are friendly with them. He played the tunes of a popular old Hindi movie song while she accompanied him with her Khartals which I happen to record that too. 

My encounter with this couple seems to be destined by Divinity Himself to give me the answers of my questions which I had placed in front of Him. I had gone inside the temple of the Lord Shiva with a question in my mind and He gave me the perfect answer immediately as I came out. 

*Love is divine and can exist & flourish between a couple if both consider each other as one.* - Diana Raj Kumari

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