Friday, October 28, 2011

Gauri and Ganesh of Umananda Island

I often visit the Umananda/Peacock Island in the middle of the Brahmaputra river to offer my prayers at the temple of Umananda i.e. Uma(Goddess Parvati) and Ananda(Lord Shiva) with their son Lord Ganesh. It always gives me immense pleasure and peace of mind in doing so and feel as if my batteries are charged to take on the challenges of life. But besides doing my puja there, it is also an oportunity to react with the few animals kept there. The Golden Langurs, the slide show of their pictures I had published in one of my earlier posts, a cat, a few goats, a cow and a calf. Today I am presenting some photographically captured beautiful moments spent there with Gauri the Cow and Ganesh, her calf who is one full of mischief on one of my trips there with my Dad and Mom.

Gauri, the mother cow suckling her calf Ganesh.

Ganesh posing with Dad for a photograph. 

Ganesh with the goat and Mom watching in amusement at 
his mischievous nature. 

Ganesh expecting for something to eat from Mom.

Moooo... not satisfied with the cake and patties Mom gave, 
he decided to give her a chase for more snacks :))

Still looking for more......

Finally having his fill, decided to give Mom a lick in appreciation.. ....Cute way of saying thanks by a mischievous calf :))

A cute and mischievous Ganesh  standing beside the Cycas plant.

Gauri deciding to play hide and seek with eveyone...

*** Diana Raj Kumari Photography***

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