Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bomb Blast this morning in Imphal

Photo Curtesy : Lanjingba  Khundongbam
A powerful bomb exploded          this morning in a crowded area in Imphal where the ongoing Sangai Tourism  Festival of Manipur is taking place at Hapta Kangjeibung or Hapta Pologround,  which is situated within the Palace Compound. An innocent cycle-rickshaw driver was given Rs.20 by some people to trans-port a bag from the Palace gate to the premises of the Sangai Festival. What this poor rickshaw-driver did not realize was that  he innocently have traded his life
Photo Curtesy: Lanjingba Khundongbam
for a mere sum of Rs.20, with which he might be thinking of buying snacks for his children or rice to cook for diner. He had ventured out on a day which is a bandh. Maybe he thought he might earn a few extra bucks to support his family when buses do not ply and other rickshaw drivers or auto rickshaw drivers do not dare to venture out during the bandh.                                 

Photo Curtesy: Lanjingba Khundongbam
Not realizing that there is a bomb in the bag, this guy proceeded towards the Hapta Pologround and just as he was about to reach the gate, the bomb exploded. This poor guy is no more.   

These pictures were taken soon after the blast  and has been shared on facebook by Lanjingba Khundongbam. It is indeed gruesome to look at but it does speak a lot about what harm evil minds can cause to innocent people living in this world. This guy ventured in the hope of earning a little even on a bandh day to feed his family and his family must have been waiting for his return... but unfortunally, he has not returned alive. The world must have shattered for the family. Isn't it time for the people of the land to sit up and do something about ending the evils in the minds of those who have no feelings for his fellow beings? This has been going on for decades and never seem to cease.  This can never change until each individual decides to change. No amount of pressure or force can change evil minds. I hope and pray that each individual in this world cultures the love of his brethren and stop this madness of making innocent people die with such thoughtless and evil acts.

                                                           *** Diana Raj Kumari ***

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