Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Two mischievous ducks at Maach Ghat.

Some months ago, I went to buy fish at Maachh Ghat at about 9.30 AM. It was almost closing time and the usual crowd of buyers and sellers had disbursed and so less of noise and it was great looking at the scenic beauty of the river. But what caught my attention were two mischievous ducks which were having a great time snatching fish from the trays where the fishes were kept. The sellers chased them away from near the trays. Missed out the snatching part but recorded them eating a few thrown to them. They had their fill and then finally went for a bath in the river. Great times these ducks were having and I had a great time too watching and recording their mischief. 

*** Each being in this world be it humans, animals or birds..... all have a life of their own, gifted to them by God! *** - Diana Raj Kumari

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