Friday, December 23, 2011

Madira & Menaka

Once in a while when I happen to be in Guwahati, I often go on a walk along the river beach. And  when I do so, I am being accompanied by  a pair of adorable Rescue dogs who also happen to come out for walks from their station. Madira and Menaka....both are very friendly and I have a lot of fun with them. They are from amongst the 15 trained dogs of the 1BN National Disaster Response Force stationed by the Brahmaputra River.

Menaka and Madira walking beside two officials of the 
National Disaster Response Force.

           Madira posing for a photograph......

  Menaka's turn to pose for a photograph.

A happy and friendly Menaka smiling away...:)
             Sitting down and relaxing while me, mom and the officials 
were talking about them...

          Menaka giving a far look as to what is happening in 
the distance...

Madira watches one direction while Menaka scans 
the other directions with alertness......

          Madira Sings for us while Menaka is not in the mood 
to sing but yes, she did sing a little later...

End of song.....time to sit still.

Obedient girls they are..lifting their paws on the order 
of their officials...

 One can see scars on Menaka's belly. It is surgery scars for
they took her to Jaipur and tried breeding but unluckily 
her babies dies inside her womb and had to be 
surgically removed.

 Two intelligent, adorable, friendly, females whose purpose 
in life is to save lives of we human beings...

         *** Diana Raj Kumari ***


  1. oh my gosh...they look so so sweet.............but I have 6 labs !

  2. Wow! You are lucky to have six of them. They are adorable!! Me, I got doves..less of maintenance work :)