Friday, December 31, 2010

Mom of Portugal, Amelia Freire's Christmas Cake.

Our Mom of Portugal Amelia Freire is a treasure chest of love, the radiance of which reaches out and touches all her near and dear ones wherever they may be.
Mom does wonders with her cakes. Each is a work of art created with a lot of patience keeping in mind the person for whom it is being made. Be it a birthday cake or a wedding cake or of any other occasion. First the design takes shape in her mind and then she creates it with a lot of patience and passion.

Mom lives in Portugal with Bru Edward and her grandson David. Her grand daughter Daniela also stays in Portugal.
 Her only daughter Sis Vanda is away from Portugal while Sis's eldest daughter Diana Cristina lives in south Africa and she has got a lovely one year old daughter Havana. 
Mom considers me to be her Indian daughter and I live in India.

The Christmas cake which she made keeping all of us in mind  could not reach us all but the photo of which reached us in time for Christmas Eve. 

Thank you Mom! Tons and tons and tons of love to you!! Hugs and Kisses!!

     Amelia Freire's Christmas Cake.

‎***A Mom is a Mom! Her love for her children has got no limits and bounds. Her love travels sans frontiers to reach out to her children wherever they may be!!***

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