Sunday, January 2, 2011

Leave behind all the Woes...Time now for New Hopes and Dreams! We are in 2011!!

Let us leave behind all that is unnecessary for us to carry 
& fly free like the bird in the sky of new found happiness.

Let us leave behind all the burdens of life..
Grudges, sadness, pain, fear and regrets...
Let us keep the smile and leave the tears..
Let us think of joy and forget the fear........
Let us hold the love and leave the pain.....
Let us be joyous because its the new year.

Life is God's greatest gift to us and is beautiful!
We only get it once to live it.
And once in every year we are rewarded with this magical time
When we welcome the New Year
The period between Christmas and New Year is the time
To contemplate on things gone by and to make new resolutions
2010 is over and we have stepped into the new year 2011
Its time for us now...To leave all woes behind and plan 
For the most incredible times ahead.
Time now... to fly into the new year
With New Hopes and Dreams!

***Happy New Year 2011*** 

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