Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Growing Garlic and an Onion in an empty pet bottle.

It all began about one month ago while I was cleaning the kitchen. I found an onion giving off shoots and small garlic cloves laying around. Also, there were many soft drink bottles lying around. Suddenly an idea crossed my mind and so kept the onion, the garlic cloves and a 2 lt. empty pet bottle aside and carried on with my work. The next day, while cooking, I kept heating a sharp pointed knife on the flame and punched holes all around the green colored empty Sprite bottle. After punching holes, cut off the top portion of the bottle where its circumference begins to reduce. Now, when I finished cooking, I filled up the distorted bottle with soil and planted the onion which was trying to grow in the open on the top open portion of the bottle. Then in each of the holes punched, inserted a clove of garlic. Placed it in a shady corner of my balcony and kept watering it everyday. Viola, a few days later my garlic cloves began to grow and the onion became more leafy. I have placed the bottle where it can get its daily doze of sunlight and keep watering it everyday  and now I got a regular supply of fresh garlic leaves to season my food. I use a pair of scissors to harvest the garlic leaves and onion leaves when I require them. No doubt the garlic is not going to give heads as the bottle is very congested but just looking at them growing in such a manner makes me immensely happy.  

***Happiness and joy can be found in the smallest of things in our day-to-day lives.***
- DRK -


  1. Fabulous idea my dear! I like the fact that you found a reusable way to look thru waste! Keep the wheels a moving I think your on to something :)

  2. My Dear Diana, what a lovely idea to share. This reminded me of the days when I lived in Rhodesia and South Africa when we were forced to make the best of everything due to sanctions and I never found so much joy and happiness from recycling and make do with what we had. Those were the days that we were taught to be happy with what we had.
    Keep up your fantastic Blog, I will soon join you

  3. Diana you are an extremely creative woman! Thumbs Up, although you were a Sprite when using the bottle.