Saturday, October 22, 2011


Dear all, I would like to present before you the amazing paintings of the world renowned International Artist and Poet Prince Freakasso. 

Prince Freakasso's works of contemporary art is rear, unique and filled with mysticism. Hailing from an aristocratic family and carrying British/Portuguese bloodlines, he began to paint wildlife and landscapes at the age of seven. Most of these works were taken away by representatives of CRY, UNICEF and the WORLD WILDLIFE FUND (WWF). Many also found home with a late uncle of his, who was a US Senator and a host of others paintings too became collections of Art appreciators world wide. After he honed his skills by taking up courses with Walter Foster Inc, Pratt Institute USA and The British Institutes, Prince Freakasso  for some years, left art and joined the hospitality industry. But after a long haitus, in 2006, he once again returned to his contemporary art, his real metier when he felt he had to run red somewhere after going through many ugly twists and turns in his personal life. 
As he himself says, "I wanted it to run red somewhere! And then it happened,a strange vision of a world beyond, whose denizens appeared grotesque and ugly, but their hearts were beautiful. Just like me, they too had been the victims of unforeseen circumstances in this world which I habitated, trespassed and trampled upon while on earth, they had decided to forgive their trespassers. Although despised by the despicable, they showed me that 'TO FORGIVE IS TO LOVE' Today I have embarked on a mission,to paint my visions of a world so far,until death doe's me part from my art."

***These cerebral creations on paper or canvas,will always be my PAIN.....THINGS!*** ~ Prince Freakasso

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The mysticism in Prince Freakasso's paintings is that he is one who specialise in Yantricism, a kind of yantric or vaasthu art meant to have a huge therapeutic or curative effecton any problems within the home environs. 
Also, he is one who have mastered a secret doctrine which he conceals in his paintings through pentagrams, cryptograms, mystical script and a kind of heiroglyphics. These hidden symbols bring about unbelievable results to the one who has got such a rare and valuable painting of Prince Freakasso. I personally feel and doubt if there is any other artist globally who is into the same kind of art except the one and only Prince Freakasso himself.This art is just not wall power,but all power,needing to be experienced to be beleived. 
Prince Freakasso sells Privately. He also sells art for charity and to help struggling artists. His desire and future Paint the worlds biggest mural and design the biggest sculpture in allegorical morphism.

Prince Frekasso's credo: "Oh Lord these lines are thine, 
                                               Colour has it's magic; 
                                               And it will make them shine:
                                               So the results I assure you, 
                                               Are entirely yours not mine."

***I thought that love would flood my soul,I dreamt a life of bliss; After years of tears and pent up pain,I SPILT MY BLOOD ON CANVAS. *** ~~Princefreakasso 

                                                      *** Diana Raj Kumari ***

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